Kent District No. 5


The Grand College

of the

Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests

and Order of Holy Wisdom.

The Grand High Priest:

M. Ill. Kt. Pt. CHRISTOPHER GAVIN MAIDEN, G.C.P.O., G.C., K.G.C. Hon Causa, (G.C.A)


 The Deputy Grand High Priest and Grand High Prelate:

M. Em. Kt. Pt. IAN PATERSON DUFF, G.C.P.O., K.G.C. Hon Causa, (G.C.A.)


The Assistant Grand High Priests:




Grand Recorder:

 Right Eminent Knight Priest John Stephen Priestley, KCPO, CM, KHW, PGVIIP, 

G.C.K.G.C. (Hon Causa), G.C.A. 

Napier-Clavering Court, 6, Forest Business Park, Fulford, York, YO19 4RH

Tel: 01904 622102. Fax: 01904 611883


The Grand Superintendent and High Prelate

for Kent District No. 5

Right Eminent Knight Priest Paul Butler, KCPO

mailto:[email protected] 

District Recorder & Hermeneutes

 Very Illustrious Knight Priest, Steven J. Turner, KHW, P. G. VII. P.

46 Eynsham Drive, Abbey Wood, London, SE2 9QY.

Tel: 020 7233 8157. Email: [email protected]     Website:


District Director of Ceremonies & Exorcist

 Illustrious Knight Priest, Ian W. Mackenzie, P. G. V. P.

89 Drake Avenue, Minster-on-Sea, Sheerness, Kent, ME12 3RZ

Tel: 01795 880838. Email: [email protected] 



1.               No.  26    Cantuar, Masonic Temple, St. Peter's Place, Canterbury. 

   (4th Thursday March, 2nd Thursday September)

                      Recorder,  Ron Ball 01795 475992  [email protected]


2.               No.  36    Wilmington, Masonic Hall, Wilmington, Kent. 

                     (3rd Saturday February, March and June)

                      Recorder,  Brian Cobb 01322 666139


3.              No.  54   Temple Manor, Howard Memorial Hall, Woodside, Wigmore.

                      (3rd Monday April and October)

                      Recorder, Trevor Harrison 01634 362196


4.               No.  57    St. Blaise, Oakley House, Bromley. 

                      (1st and 3rd Fifth Mondays in the Calendar Year, except July & August).

                      Recorder, David Viggers 01322 665973 [email protected]


5.               No.  71    Holywell, Masonic Hall, Folkestone, Kent. 

                      (1st 5th Wednesday in March, April or May and the 1st 5th Wednesday in                       September, October or November)

                      Recorder, Lew Finnis  01304 824840 [email protected]


6.               No.  86    St. Augustine, St. Luke?s Avenue, Ramsgate, Kent. 

                      (3nd Friday April and October)

                      Recorder,  Alun John 01843 582113  [email protected]


7.               No. 136   Boxley Abbey, Masonic Centre, Tovil Hill, Maidstone. 

                      (3rd Monday May, 1st Tuesday September  and 1st Friday November)

                      Recorder, TBA 


8.               No. 191   Powhatan, Masonic Centre, Wrotham Road, Gravesend.  

                     (2nd Saturday in April, September and November.)

                      Recorder, David Viggers 01322 665973 [email protected]


9.               No. 194   Anjou, Westwood Masonic Centre, Welling, Kent   

                     (3rd Tuesday February,2nd Tuesday June, 2nd Tuesday October)

                      Recorder, Mark Woolcott  020 8297 8939  [email protected] 

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