Kent District No. 5


                      Order of Holy Wisdom


The Officers of a Congregation of the Order of Holy Wisdom comprise the following :-  The Most Eminent High Prelate, the Eminent High Priest, 7 Pillar Priests,the Hermeneutes (Secretary,) the Exorcist, (DC/Conductor), the Reader (Orator) the Acolyte (Inner Guard) and the Keeper of the Door. (Tyler). Members of the Order are known as Knight Priests.

The Clothing of the Order is that worn by a Knight Templar Priest, without the Mitre, and with the addition of an ecclesiastic cordelia. That of the High Prelate is purple, that of the High Priest is red,  that of the 7th. Pillar is sky blue and those of all other Officers and Members are white, with the exception of Knights of Holy Wisdom, ???, Companions of Holy Wisdom, Yellow and Pillars of Holy Wisdom ???? .

The following initials are used in the Ritual to designate the Officers.

The Right Eminent High Prelate (HPr)

The Eminent High Priest (HPt)

The Seven Pillar Priests (PP)

The Hermeneutes (Her)

The Reader (Rea)

The Exorcist (Ex)

The Acolyte (AC)

The Keeper of the Door (KD)

Knight Priests (KPs)

The Candidate – Aspirant – (Asp) 




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